Episode 2: Mystery Solved! Well, kinda…

About a week after the two kitties’ disappearance, I entered into a deep state of “depression” (or… something like that). I couldn’t find either the oldest kitty or the mom! Read More »


Episode 1: Mysterious Cats…

Hi! Sorry I haven´t written for a long while, but I’ve been very busy 😁. This time I gonna talk about cats: I love cats. Most people tell me that cats aren’t really worth it, they scratch on things, have negative attitude and most of all that they are ungrateful. My family knows I want a cat, but my dad and sister are allergic to them 😦 . Therefore, they didn’t let me adopt one. Besides, we already have a dog… and a hamster. So, you get the idea 🐶>🐱>🐭.Read More »


MirageAccording to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of a mirage is the following:

  • something (such as a pool of water in the middle of a dessert) that is seen and appears to be real but that is not actually there
  • something that you hope for or want but is not possible or real

The reason a mirage is seen is because the light from the sun is bent. If all the air is at the same temperature -hot or cold- the photons (light particles) travel in a straight line into our eyes. If there is hot air, it travels through it to get faster to its destination. It can travel faster in hot air because it is less dense than cold air.

In a highway or dessert, the air is kind of normal in temperature and the air just above the pavement (or sand) is hot because of the sun. Because of that, the light travels through the hot air in the ground although it bends its way, but it wants to go faster. The light that gets to our eyes usually comes in a straight line from the sun. Our brains know that, so it thinks that water is reflecting the sun’s light. That´s why we see mirages.

Inferior Mirage




Nopal vs. Okra

Nopal vs. Okra“El trabajo pionero obtuvo resultados muy interesantes:

Al administrar 100gr de nopal asado tres veces al día, 20 minutos antes de cada comida, a pacientes diabéticos y a pacientes con obesidad, se logró:

  1. Disminuir significativamente los niveles de colesterol total y triglicéridos en ambos grupos de pacientes
  2. La pérdida de peso en los obesos
  3. Disminuir los niveles de glucosa en los diabéticos, también de manera significativa.

¡Comparando los beneficios del Okra y del Nopal me sorprendí en lo similares que son!

El nopal, igual que el okra, tiene los siguientes beneficios:

  • Nivela los niveles de azúcar en la sangre e insulina
  • Por el mucílago que tiene (solución viscosa), protege la mucosa gástrica y alivia úlceras en el intestino
  • Contiene fibra soluble, que ayuda a nivelar el colesterol
  • Es alto en antioxidantes
  • Ayuda a adelgazar

El okra es más alto en vitamina C, folato y proteína que el nopal. El nopal es más alto en calcio, vitamina A y magnesio que el okra.”

Por Mirna Navarro (mirnashealthybaking.wordpress.com)


A continuación esta la información nutricional comparando el okra cocido y el nopal cocido: