Episode 2: Mystery Solved! Well, kinda…

About a week after the two kitties’ disappearance, I entered into a deep state of “depression” (or… something like that). I couldn’t find either the oldest kitty or the mom! Later in the week, I went to Petco to at least get to be with a cat who would not run away from me. When I looked at one of the cats through the glass windows, I saw one of my kitties!!! Or at least that’s what I thought… It looked just like the one on the left:


I gave up on this one, though, because there was a family right there that was interested in adopting it. Whether it was little Twilight or not, I was glad on the inside because I knew the kitty would be better with them than with me.

I spent like one or two months without seeing the other cats…

One day I was walking over to the place where I first found the cats. On the way, I happened to glance at an unfinished house to my right, where, to my surprise, the oldest kitty, Katniss, was lying down! (Yes–that’s what I called her…) I walked slowly towards her, but she ran inside into some bushes that where growing on the patio. I tried to get her out… but I gave up. I was going to try a new technique.

Later on, I began my plan to build trust. I searched Pinterest and saw some YouTube videos on “How to tell your cat ‘I Love You'”, “How to pet your cat”, and stuff like that. The “Slow Blink” really worked! She actually blinked right back at me and came a little closer every time I did it. It is supposed to mean that you love and trust them.

{You can see the video by clicking here!}

I made her a house with blankets, food and water, which, by the way, ended up in the trash can. Katniss never showed much interest in it; she just went for the food. She would normally hide under our car. One time, she came up so close that I grabbed her and took her inside the house and laid her down in my desk! My Mom started petting her and I was shocked to see how Katniss reacted. She began purring and showing signs of trust!

We are still in the path to building frienship and trust. But for now, stay alert! You never know what may be slinking outside your house…!

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Check out this website: http://welovecatsandkittens.com/cat-pictures/find-common-language-cat/


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