Episode 1: Mysterious Cats…

Hi! Sorry I haven´t written for a long while, but I’ve been very busy 😁. This time I gonna talk about cats: I love cats. Most people tell me that cats aren’t really worth it, they scratch on things, have negative attitude and most of all that they are ungrateful. My family knows I want a cat, but my dad and sister are allergic to them 😦 . Therefore, they didn’t let me adopt one. Besides, we already have a dog… and a hamster. So, you get the idea 🐶>🐱>🐭.

That changed actually. Two months ago I was having breakfast when my mom called me upstairs in a somewhat exited voice. I went up and she was facing the back window. I looked and saw three cute kittens with their mom playing outside. Without even finishing my breakfast I ran outside and went to see the kitties.img_7885-2

As soon as I got there, the mom left (kinda scared) and left the kitties inside some iron beams. I was so exited I just took a stick and tried to get them out. In the end  I finally got one! They were sooo cute!!! This was the first one I caught 🙂 (I thinks he’s the oldest compared to the other)

After a few days I managed to catch the 3 of them. But then, two of them mysteriously disappeared and they were never seen again…img_7890

P.D. Next episode will be published on April 10, 2017


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